"WiroArt revolutionizes art exhibitions by offering a unique platform for businesses, including cafes, hotels, and office buildings, to lease their empty walls for artists to exhibit and sell their creations. "


When there is Airbnb connecting house owners with renters, there is WiroArt connecting artists with brick-and-mortar businesses like cafes, hotels, department stores, and office buildings.

WiroArt opens up "WiroArt Window" utilizing those businesses empty walls which acts as a platform for artists to exhibit their artworks, and allow the public to interact with the art and the artist.

When people encounter the WiroArt Window, they can scan the QRcode next to each artwork to view artist profile, read art description, watch a video of the artist talking about the art. People can also leave comments for the art, sharing thoughts and uplifting artists. Additionally, through the platform, people can make purchase of the art in various forms, original painting, prints, other goods featuring the art, or request commission piece from the artist.

It is an ultimate connection space that bridges artists with public, bringing art closer to the communities and shaping the better world where easy access to art, creativity, and story is a new normal.