Artist Admission

What is this all about?

Hello fellow emerging artists! This is Sanghun Huni Lee, founder of WiroArt. I am a small artist myself so I know how hard it is for emerging artists to reach wider audience and hold exhibitions. 

It takes thousands of dollars to hold exhibitions while posting on Instagram doesn't work. I've tried everything too. So I decided to create a platform that helps artists easily hold exhibitions and monetize their creations. 

We offer two services for accepted applicants. 

First, we fully fund our accepted artists to produce and sell their art in various forms like prints, puzzle, mug, wallclock, and more featuring their art on the WiroArt platform. We fully cover all the manufacturing, shipping, handling costs and process allowing artists to earn constant commissions without no risk & hassle.  

Second, we partner with renowned businesses like cafes, hotels, office buildings to open up "WiroArt Window" on their empty walls where our accepted artists can exhibit their art and reach a wider audience. 

Here's how it works!

1. Take pictures of your original paintings


2. Submit application

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Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Once accepted,

3. Your art will go live on the WiroArt platform

You can now start selling your artworks in various forms, including the original painting (if available), and other WiroArt products that we manufacture for you.

WiroArt fully covers all the manufacturing, shipping, handling, returning costs of WiroArt Products, allowing artists to earn constant commissions with no risks. Whatsoever.  

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4. One of your artworks will be placed on a waitlist for the next available WiroArt Window locations.


5. When it's your turn, the WiroArt Team will contact you to inquire about your interest in exhibiting at the available WiroArt Window spot. 

You can choose to...


6. If you choose to exhibit, your art will be exhibited for two - four months duration

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7. People scan the QRcode next to your art to...


Q & A

Upon acceptance, all artists will arrange a brief Zoom call with the WiroArt artist recruitment manager.

During this session, you can ask questions and gain further insights into the process. However, here are some common questions you might be curious about!

For any questions or assistance, email directly to our Artist Recruitment Team at  We will get back to you in couple hours.