Sanghun Huni Lee, Founder of WiroArt

"Sanghun Huni Lee founded WiroArt at Northeastern University, driven by the mission to support emerging artists and enhance art accessibility for both creators and communities. WiroArt, a pioneering art exhibition platform, is opening up 'WiroArt Window™' to connect artists with brick-and-mortar businesses, expanding artists' reach to a broader audience. He was also recognized for his entrepreneurial talents, winning the biggest startup competition at Northeastern, DemoDay, with WiroArt."


Hello! I'm Sanghun Huni Lee, founder of WiroArt. 

As an artist myself, I've personally experienced the barriers and struggles that small artists face in the art industry. The system heavily favors established and high-selling artists, making it challenging for emerging talents without resources or connections to showcase their work. Recognizing this disparity, I founded WiroArt.

Through WiroArt, my vision is to establish thousands, potentially hundreds of thousands, of "WiroArt Windows" globally. These will serve as platforms for artists to hold free exhibitions, share their stories, sell artwork, and reach a broader audience. This platform will not only reshape the art industry but also our communities, creating a new normal where art is easily accessible, and we wholeheartedly support emerging artists.

At WiroArt, we see a future where countless brick-and-mortar businesses transition into galleries by opening up WiroArt Windows. This transformation will offer artists a vital platform and contribute to a more lively and supportive society. By fostering stronger bonds between small artists and the community, we aim to cultivate an environment that nourishes creativity and encourages mutual support.



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