Apply for a chance to showcase your artwork through WiroArt. Simply fill out our application and submit 2-8 pictures of your paintings. If accepted, WiroArt will manufacture 50 limited edition WiroArt Canvas™ featuring your artwork. These unique pieces will be sold through our online gallery and displayed at local businesses such as cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

Here's the best part: for every sale of a WiroArt Canvas, whether through our online gallery or partner business locations, you will receive a commission. Additionally, you have the option to sell your original paintings that are featured in the WiroArt Canvas™. If a customer purchases the original artwork, WiroArt will receive a commission, and you will receive the entire profit.

What makes WiroArt special is that you, as the artist, don't take any risks. You don't even need to send us your physical artwork or pay us for the manufacturing cost. All we require are high-quality pictures of your paintings. We will optimize the image quality, manufacture the WiroArt Canvas, and exhibit your work in our online gallery and brick-and-mortar businesses if selected. It's the perfect opportunity to monetize your art, which is the result of your passion and hard work, but may not have found a place to shine.

If you're interested, please read the detailed information below. To apply, use the link provided at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions. For any questions, feel free to reach out to us directly at wiroart.com@gmail.com.

Apply now and let WiroArt help you showcase your talent and earn recognition for your artistic creations!


Our mission

At WiroArt, we wholeheartedly support a diverse community of emerging artists, including teenagers, students, and underrepresented individuals, irrespective of age, experience, or connections. We deeply understand the significance of offering these artists essential resources and opportunities to pursue their passions and accomplish their dreams. We are dedicated to providing a range of avenues for these talented artists to expand their audience, sell their artwork, exhibit their creations, and gain recognition from collectors.


How do we support artists 

WiroArt is dedicated to supporting and empowering emerging and student artists by providing them with a platform to showcase their artwork on the prestigious WiroArt Canvas™. This opportunity allows artists to reach a wider audience and earn commissions for each sale. Additionally, artists have the option to sell their original paintings through the WiroArt online gallery. To enhance their visibility, artists are offered a personalized profile page where they can share an introduction, website, social media links, and more to promote themselves effectively.

Example of the artist profile: Link


WiroArt Exhibition Partnership

Starting October 2023, we're thrilled to collaborate with local businesses in Boston, including cafes, restaurants, hotels, and galleries. Through these partnerships, your art will be exhibited on their walls, expanding your audience and sales potential. Whether it's your captivating WiroArt Canvas™ or original paintings, this opportunity elevates your exhibition experience and opens doors to career growth.

Catch the eye of influential collectors and unlock unexpected opportunities for success. We're here to bridge the gap and provide exhibition opportunities that small artists typically struggle to access within the limited art industry.

(Please note: Acceptance for featuring art on the WiroArt Canvas™ does not guarantee inclusion in the WiroArt Exhibition Partnership. The WiroArt partnership owners select artwork from the WiroArt online gallery for exhibition. Therefore, WiroArt doesn't have the control over which artwork will be exhibited at partner exhibition locations.)


Types of art that we accept

We welcome all forms of 2D art, embracing both traditional fine art paintings and digitally created pieces. Whether your style is contemporary, abstract, realistic, surrealism, or even poster art, we invite you to submit your work. The possibilities are endless, and we're excited to showcase the diverse range of artistic expressions.


WiroArt covers all expenses, so artists have nothing to lose & only benefits to gain

WiroArt eliminates the financial burden for emerging and student artists, allowing them to focus solely on their artistic passion. We cover all expenses, from manufacturing and shipping our WiroArt Canvas™ to handling marketing, storage, and more.

Artists can take advantage of this opportunity without any upfront costs. With just the pictures of your paintings, we handle the rest, ensuring your art reaches a wider audience and you earn commissions from every sale. At WiroArt, our commitment is to make art accessible and profitable for talented artists like you, relieving you of burdens and risks while you continue creating.


Commission that we offer

Below is the amount of commission that artists receive for each sale. 

WiroArt Canvas™: The WiroArt Canvas™ is priced at $200, with artists earning $25 for each sale featuring their art. Here's a breakdown of the profit distribution:

  • Manufacturing and shipping costs: Approximately $100.
  • Marketing, handling, storing, and maintenance fees: Approximately $50.
  • Remaining profit: $50, split equally between WiroArt and the artist.

Original Paintings: Artists can also sell their original paintings on the WiroArt online gallery, with artists retaining the majority of the profit. WiroArt receives a 30% commission, while artists keep the remaining 70%. For example, if an original painting sells for $1000, the artist receives $700.

At WiroArt, we strive to provide fair and transparent compensation to artists while ensuring the highest quality production and promotion of their artwork.


How do we pay the artist

At WiroArt, we offer flexible payment options for artists. When artists make a sale, they can choose to receive payment either through online bank transfer via Zelle or in the form of gift cards of their choice. We believe in providing artists with the convenience and freedom to select their preferred payment method for each transaction. 


Terms of Agreement

Please click here to see the terms of agreement that applicants should agree upon when submitting the application. 



Ready to showcase your art on the WiroArt Canvas™, sell your original paintings, and potentially hold exhibition through the WiroArt Exhibition partnership? Applying is easy! Simply follow the instructions below and our dedicated admission team will thoroughly review your artwork and other submitted content to make a decision. Take the first step towards expanding your artistic reach with WiroArt.

Simple & Easy Applying

  1. Submit the application form: Form 
  2. The WiroArt Artist Recruitment team will reach out to you in 1~3 days.



If you have any questions, email directly to wiroart.com@gmail.com 

Our kind & creative team will get back to you shortly! 

Good luck & never give up on your passion in art.