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Elevate your space with WiroArt Canvas™ - crafted on premium 100% cotton canvas, framed in hardened wood with a floating effect.

Each piece includes a Certificate of Authenticity and a personal letter from the artist. Ready to display with a pre-installed hanger.

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WiroArt Certificate of Authenticity included with a letter from the artist.

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Artists' paintings are printed on gallery-grade 100% cotton canvas.

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WiroArt Canvas features a sturdy wooden frame with an added layer at the back, creating a floating effect. Just like an infinity pool!

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Easy hanging with pre-installed hanger

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Our high-quality printing replicates the original painting's textures and finishes that it's often mistaken for an original painting from a distance!

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Explore the artist's insights through intros, art descriptions, or artist videos to delve into each artwork's story!

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