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Luxury Meets Time:
Only 250 pieces produced for each artwork, our WiroArt Wallclock™ blends seamlessly with any decor.

The slim 0.1-inch design exudes elegance, while a discreet limited quantity number on the third hour and a QR code linked to the art on the sixth hour make it a truly unique timepiece.

Let the art tell you the time and elevate your living space.


"Time never looked so beautiful"

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Only 250 Pieces produced for each painting

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Limited edition number embedded on 3 o'clock

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QR code linked to the art & WiroArt logo embedded on 6 o'clock 

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Crafted from 100% hardened acrylic with a slim 0.1-inch thinkness, it blends into any wall effortlessly.

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Silent Quartz movement
-made in USA

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Discover the artist,
what the art is about, and even watch videos of artists sharing stories!

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