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About the Community Forest Project

The "Community Forest Project" was planned and done by WiroArt's founder, Sanghun Huni Lee. He stood on the street of downtown Charlottesville, Virginia. He asked people to draw trees on the canvas by telling them the company would donate a dollar to the Greenpeace organization for each tree drawn. He didn't reach his goal of a hundred trees, but he still decided to donate $100 to the organization.

In the end, he revealed his intention in doing this project, which was to convey the idea that the difference and diversity within our community make this world more beautiful, just like how every tree that was drawn had its own characteristics, making up the whole beautiful forest.

100% of the profits generated by this artwork is being donated to the Greenpeace organization. 

Community Forest Project Video

Art Dimension

WiroArt Canvas: 24x18 Inch