"Desire" by Soninbayar Batsukh


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Soninbayar Batsukh's Artist Page

I am Batsukhin Soninbayar, and in 2014, I embarked on a journey to study the restoration of historical artifacts. However, upon completing my education, I decided to pursue my true passion for drawing and dedicate myself to creating my own art. From a tender age, I harbored a profound aspiration to become an artist and showcase my works in a personal exhibition. In 2022, I had the immense pleasure of realizing this lifelong dream as I proudly presented my inaugural solo exhibition, "Tsog," at the esteemed Mongol Art Gallery. This transformative experience has only fueled my ambition further, igniting a fervent desire to curate numerous exhibitions in the future, allowing my childhood dream to flourish and evolve.


Title: "Desire"