"Don't let that man-go" by Owen


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Owen's Artist Page

I enjoy making art that explores societal roles and expectations, familial ties, and cultural identity. Growing up as a gay Asian boy in a strict religious environment has been challenging - I want to create art that people can resonate with, allowing them to insert their own interpretations and interwoven narratives while still maintaining the fact that it is still intimate and personal to me.


Title: "Don’t let that man-go”

Description: An acrylic painting that parodies the homophobic slur "fruity" while incorporating the Filipino myth of the first mango. The Baybayin (lost Filipino script) text in the background is a pun that translates to “Don’t let that man-go” a reminder that I shouldn’t get rid of my identity of being “fruity”, advocating for acceptance and pride.

Medium: Acrylics on Canvas

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Art Dimension

WiroArt Canvas™: 20 Inch x 16 inch

WiroArt Wallclock™: 10.75 inch x 10.75 inch

Original Painting: 60.5cm x 33cm