"Forgotten face n.1" by Damiano Di Napoli


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Damiano Di Napoli's Artist Page

My name is damiano, i am a figurative painter from salerno (italy). As an Italian I have always admired classical and Renaissance art but for the past couple of years my research has been more linked to artists from northern Europe. in my work I try to create a connection between these two visions, conceiving art as a continuous line and not as a series of successive periods. my goal is to represent the existential condition characteristic of the century in which we live. 

My art deals with existential themes, such as alienation and the search for identity or the loss of this. 


Title: "Forgotten face n.1"

Description: this painting was the first of a long series entitled "forgotten face" in which I tried to analyze the theme of identity and loss of identity, a sense of disorientation in which the faces of others and one's own are reduced to stains blurry, like in the mind of a person with Alzheimer's

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Art Dimension

WiroArt Canvas™: 16 Inch x 20 inch

WiroArt Wallclock™: 10.75 inch x 10.75 inch

Original Painting: 70x50cm