"Inner Beauty" by Sanghun Lee


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Sanghun Lee's Artist Page

Hello! My name is Sanghun Lee, I go by Huni, and I am currently attending Northeastern University, studying business and design. I focus on creating art that can be interpreted differently and give various emotions to viewers depending on their life experiences. As I'm a person that values emotions more than anything, I love providing a space for people to feel their own emotions through my art. Emotion is the only evidence that we are existing as a human beings in this Universe, so let's feel as much as we can!


Title: "Inner Beauty"

Description: Sometimes what we have inside us is much rich and more beautiful than what's shown outside.
However, most of the time, what we have inside cannot be shown without other forces.
At the same time, no matter how different we are outside, we are made up of the same intrinsic value, and that's shown through the shadows of three different objects.

Medium: Acrylics on Canvas

Art Dimension

WiroArt Canvas™: 16 Inch x 20 inch

WiroArt Wallclock™: 10.75 inch x 10.75 inch

Original Painting: 16 Inch x 20 Inch