"Portrait Of A Masked Man 1" by Hessel Nanne Pijnaker


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I want to go back into the basic of art; the wild man, the tribesman, the shamanist or in our culture the Witcher, who is connected to the other world.
This other world is the unconscious and other states of consciousness, the psyche wich is not contained to time and space. We dream, we behave like animals during sex, we can get totally engaged in a story, all this is the other world. Artwork

About Art

Title: “Portrait Of A Masked Man 1”

Description:I think and do at the same time instead of thinking first and then doing. Thus, I am able to make unthinkable things; I am acknowledging the non-serious part or non-witnessable part of myself through this spontaneous practice.

It is all very much about letting the innerworld flow out into the outer world, which is then seeable. It is an ancient shamanistic practice almost. Opening the doors of perception. And then you meet other artists and people with this perception, this understanding, and it is like ‘when two thieves meet they instantly recognize each other’, which is always amazing. and so it is with my art if you look at it; you recognize the unconscious, the global consciousness, the cosmic consciousness if you want, and you are brought into contact with something beyond words, beyond logic and reasoning: existentialism, negative and positive energy and our ghosts, our gods and devils, whom live inside of us, who we are.

When you die you go inwards as well, you implode, until you explode again. My art is a shadow that is cast of the implode. Existence is the shadow of course of the implode, or better it is the light side of the mountain because we can see it and the implode is the shadow, the negative energy.”

Medium: Pastel

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Art Dimension

WiroArt Canvas™: 20 Inch x 16 inch

WiroArt Wallclock™: 10.75 inch x 10.75 inch

Original Painting: 60cm x 40cm