"Rebellion" by Christina Lee


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Christina Lee's Artist Page

Hi! My name is Christina Lee, and I am currently attending UCLA as an art major. For me, art is like a natural instinct that guides my hands to create various stories and new worlds out of a variety of materials. I hope to create art that is eye-catching, and visually saturated, and to raise questions and produce multiple meanings for my audience to interpret. For me, the image of art sticks inside our heads longer, because the alluring presence of each piece of art that people appreciate is from the powerful and emotional connection that attracts people to its beautiful nature in the first place.


Title: Title: "Rebellion"

Description: "Rebellion" is a graphic collage created in Photoshop that illustrates a rebellious nature. This is shown through my arrows that create a crack in the brick wall, which symbolizes the boundaries that the toxic people around us can set.

The carousel in the center of the piece portrays a place of childish innocence where people of all ages are free to pretend like they’re a child again. And lastly, the pink, purple, and white graffiti show vandalism, a form of rebellion that brings a rush of adrenaline and that distinctively colors a teenager’s life.

Medium: Digital

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Art Dimension

WiroArt Canvas™: 16 Inch x 20 inch

WiroArt Wallclock™: 10.75 inch x 10.75 inch

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