"What's in your mind?" by Natalia Engdahl


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Natalia Engdahl's Artist Page

Hello! I'm Natalia Engdahl. I am a high school senior from Pomona, California. I'll be attending the Rhode Island School of Design and plans on majoring in either illustration or printmaking. My work primarily centers around surrealism and portraiture, but I enjoy experimenting with a variety of subjects and mediums. You can support me through WiroArt Prints or WiroArt ToteBag featuring my art. Every sale pays me in commission. Thank you!


Title:  "What's in your mind?" 

Description:  I thought of a garden the size of a closet. When they found sin, did God pack up Eden and store it away? I've seen it before, but never when my head is on my shoulders.


Art Dimension

WiroArt Canvas™: 16 Inch x 20 inch

WiroArt Wallclock™: 10.75 inch x 10.75 inch

Original Painting: N/A